Satellite Art Show/Artist as Survivalist

November 28, 2017

SATELLITE ART SHOW 2017- "40 rooms of an abandoned hotel repurposed into immersive, experiential, and often participatory exhibitions. SATELLITE, now in its third year is an artist-run and concept-driven alternative art fair that positions itself at the convergence of art, performance, new media, and technology." -SAS


Artist as Survivalist, curated by Jacquelyn Strycker of SVA AP, showcases works from emerging artists that respond to natural or man-made cataclysms– economic collapse, energy shortage, environmental disaster, the threat of war– through repurposing and reclaiming imagery and materials with urgency or humor.


Artists include Mathias Kessler; Ben Quesnel; Lindsay Kane; Sarah G. Sharp; Jason Mena; and Huiqi He.


Artist as Survivalist

Ocean Terrace Hotel, Miami 
Booths 116 & 118
December 7 - 10


“Miami Beach’s Satellite art fair is not a release from an inundation of art — but perhaps it’s a reminder of 
why you like it in the first place.” – HYPERALLERGIC
“Satellite is keeping it weird and wonderful.” – ART F CITY
“Revolutionary! ” – ARTEFUSE
“The quirky art fair stood out among Miami Art Week offerings. Where else are you going to have this much fun?” – ARTNET
“SATELLITE remains a bright star in gloomy art week.” – ART F CITY
“The Most Uncanny Installations of Miami Art Week” (SATELLITE featured three times) – VICE CREATORS PROJECT
“ It was like running through a funhouse of exciting young art.” – ARTSPACE

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