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What's So funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?

Zoë Charlton Sarah McCann Cara Ober Nickola Pottinger Ben Quesnel Cecilia Terlizzi Stewart Watson

Opening July 27, 6-8pm St. Charles, 2701 N. Charles St.

St. Charles is pleased to present What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?, a group exhibition of artists whose studio practices run concurrently with vocations involving their community. Along with teaching, curating, writing, publishing and collaborating, this group of artists use their studio practices as platforms for connection.

WSFAPLU? has gathered interdisciplinary artists whose work involves mosaic, craft, collage, and found objects. These processes and materials transmit the energy of transformation and share authorship with a larger community. As you walk through WSFAPLU?, you will encounter historical artifacts, pop cultural imagery, patterns and clips of disjointed text all highlighting the tenuous nature of language. Collaged imagery implies a mutable landscape, found objects take on uncanny forms, video and animation challenge relationships between the audience and the artist. By bringing together artists who advocate for their communities, we share an opportunity for peace, love and understanding.

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