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Milk left a little too long in the back of the fridge may not be good to drink, but don't’ call it spoiled. We know that with age comes flavor, with pungency comes potential, and that sour milk is just a batch of pancakes waiting to happen. 

SOUR MILK is a curatorial project developed by Ben Quesnel and Christine Stiver. Together they find vacant and overlooked spaces that can be transformed into unique art experiences before they get destroyed.


In October of 2018, their inaugural show riffed on a formerly domestic space that played with what the possibilities of “home” means, meant, and could become. Some artists recycled objects culled from their personal dwellings; some created paintings, performances and installations that referenced and rehearsed family histories; some created work that explored transplantation and adaptation to foreign homes.

2018 Participating Artists include: Mia Brownell, Joe Bun Keo, Jennifer Coates, Jim Condron, Charlie Cunningham, Holly Danger, Alex Ebstein, Alexandra Hammond, Huiqi He, David Humphrey, Aaron Johnson,Tzirel Kaminetzky, Simone Kearney, Martin Kruck, Joanne Leah, Adam Niklewicz, Jeff Ostergren, Ada Pinkston, JD Raenbeau, Jacquelyn Stryker, Dominic Terlizzi, James Williams.

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